Which specific objectives are being worked on?

The organisation is working intensely, with an eye on the public consultation to be held in 2014 to exercise the right to decide. On the way, all kinds of activities are being organised to keep alive the debate on a state of our own and teach the arguments that underpin its legitimacy. Some of them aim to produce tools for a rigorous, indepth analysis and study of the path to Catalan sovereignty, always against the backdrop of Europe, others to widen and consolidate the majority voting YES amongst the numerous Catalan community resident in Belgium and, above all, to spread information about the process to economic, political and social circles in Belgium and to the European Union institutions.

Internationalise the process?

External action is one of the central focuses on the road to independence and this is the area where we can contribute most. In the venture on which we are embarking, the ANC a Brussel·les, in coordination with the sectoral assembly for Catalonia abroad, has a long way to go on internationalisation, on explaining rigorously, clearly and transparently what the objective of full national sovereignty consists of. Added to that, our distance from Catalonia gives us a unique perspective which could help to make the organisation´s arguments even more convincing.


And the day after?

And once independence has been achieved? The ANC is sure to step up its work as it pursues one of its essential lines of action: to secure full recognition for our state from the international community, and especially from the EU. We know that this will be a complex task, because of the objections raised by Madrid, far from the attitude shown by London to the Scottish referendum. These discreet, constant efforts must start now, by preparing the ground, and will have to continue after the majority of the citizens of Catalonia have voted in favour of being, in the words of the slogan leading the massive demonstration in Barcelona on 11 September 2012, a new European state.