The human V in Brussels sends the message "Catalonia wants to vote" to the European Institutions

Posted by admin on September 8, 2014

The rehearsal for the human V at the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels has been a roaring success despite the persistent rain that has fallen on the participants during the event.

Around 300 people gathered as a response to the joint call of the ANC from Luxembourg, Netherlands, England and Brussels to form a human V with a 70-m long Catalan flag on each side.

Diverse crowd has attended and both Catalan people and friends of Catalonia of all ages have come to Brussels from all around Belgium and its neighbour countries to support the action.

The cyclists of Pedalem per la Independència have joined the event and crossed the tunnel made with the Catalan flags raised up by the people forming the human V.

Large banners addressed to Mr Junker, Mr Schulz and Mr Cameron have been on display as well.

The goal of this demanding event is to internationalize the Catalan cause and is also a call to the Catalan civil society to massively take the streets on the forthcoming September 11 in order to express the democratic will of the Catalan people to carry through the consultation on November 9.