The Via Catalana at the Atomium in Brussels

Posted by admin on September 4, 2013

At noon on Sunday Catalans residing in Belgium congregated in Brussels to build the Via Catalana, one of many similar gatherings organised this weekend. More than 300 people joined hands in front of the Atomium, the Brussels landmark, to claim independence for Catalonia. In the city which hosts most of the European institutions, they formed their human chain in a festive atmosphere without any incident. The event attracted not only the majority of the Catalans registered as resident in Belgium but also many from the Netherlands, Germany and even from Catalonia itself, and a few Belgians too.

 They filled the Boulevard du Centenaire in the capital of Belgium with Catalan flags, European flags and a banner reading “Catalonia, new European state”. Most of the participants were individuals, but there were also a good number of whole families, some of them spanning three generations. Building the Via Catalana in the capital of Europe is especially symbolic, given the hopes that the European institutions might play a decisive role in the process of independence for Catalonia, as voiced by numerous Members of the European Parliament over the last few months.

 A second chain on Monday

 The Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) de Brussel·les organised a second human chain at seven the following evening (Monday) at Rond-Point Schuman, right at the heart of the European quarter of Brussels. This location was chosen in order to make Catalonia´s claim visible before the European institutions and international representatives. 

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