Who are we?

Every one of us in the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC) a Brussel┬Ěles shares the same dream as millions of Catalans in towns and villages in our country: that our nation be a free state in Europe, with the same degree of sovereignty as any other. No more and no less. With this in mind, we are working to create the political and social conditions which, very soon, will put us in a position to achieve this objective. We want Catalonia to be an independent, social and democratic state of law, alongside other European nations. We claim the right to self-determination for our people. The time has come for us to decide, together, our common future.

Why in Brussels?

The ANC a Brussel┬Ěles was founded in January 2013 as a territorial assembly, similar to those all over Catalonia. However, it has a special task because it is in the capital of Europe, where the political bodies which govern the EU are based, clearly a key location for the sovereignty process. This makes it a strategic platform for trying to take to the heart of the EU institutions the democratic message of a country that wants to speak with its own voice there without having to pass via Madrid.


The human V in Brussels sends the message "Catalonia wants to vote" to the European Institutions

The rehearsal for the human V at the Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels has been a roaring success despite the persistent rain that has fallen on the participants during the event

"What's up with Catalonia" by Liz Castro

Lunchtime meeting with Liz Castro, American author and translator, active in the Catalan independence movement, on Friday June 20th 2014 at 12h30, at Espai Catalunya Europa, Wetstraat 227 Rue de la Loi (Schuman), Brussels

Forces et défis du mouvement indépendantiste en Catalogne

Conference with Patrick Roca, professor, translator, jurist and member of the ANC. Friday May 16th, 7pm, at Espai Catalunya Europa, Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 227 Brussels

Catalonia's self-determination process

Monday, March 31, at 19h30, conference on "Catalonia's self-determination process" by Miquel Strubell MA Msc at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and promoter of the Catalan National Assembly.

Presentation of the book “A un pam de la independència”

Some 100 people gathered in Brussels on Oct 30th, invited by the Catalan Assembly, to attend the presentation of the Catalan book ‘A un pam de la independència’ (Inches away from Independence), written by Vicent Partal, director of online journal Vilaweb.

The Via Catalana at the Atomium in Brussels

At noon on Sunday Catalans residing in Belgium congregated in Brussels to build the Via Catalana, one of many similar gatherings organised this weekend. More than 300 people joined hands in front of the Atomium, the Brussels landmark, to claim independence for Catalonia.

Martí Anglada presents ‘Quatre vies per a la independència’ in Brussels

On Monday 13 May, at the invitation of the Assemblea Nacional Catalana and the Casal Català, the journalist Martí Anglada came to Brussels, the capital of the European Union (EU), to present his book ‘Quatre vies per a la independència. Estònia, Letònia, Eslovàquia, Eslovènia’ (‘Four ways to independence: Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia’) in the packed conference room of the delegation of the Catalan government.

Four ways to independence (video)

Videos of the conference "Four ways to independence" held on May 13th 2013

Four ways to independence

Monday, May 13th 2013, Espai Catalunya - Europa (Wetstraat 227 Rue de la Loi, Brussels), 18h15 press presentation, 19h30 public presentation and debate. "Four Ways To Independence", an essential reading: drawing up a road map for Catalonia, by Martí Anglada, writer and journalist, former correspondent Catalan TV3, Brussels and Berlin. This presentation will be in English and French. A second presentation, open to public, will be given in Catalan and will include a debate with the author and the MEPs Ramon Tremosa and Raül Romeva.